• Kevin Murphy

Battersea: Winstanley and York Road Development

LONDON - The new £1billion property development at Winstanley and York Road next to the Clapham Junction rail station has just been awarded by the Wandsworth council to Taylor Wimpey. The new 32 acre property scheme will feature a mixed use neighbourhood with 2,000 homes along with new retail, leisure community and office space. The plan is part of the governments attempt to re-development and re-build some of the country’s most derelict estates.

Other areas of the scheme to be included Ganley Court, Gagarin House and Shepard House. Local area residents are reported rot have been on favour of the project.

As part of the plan council tenants and owner occupiers will be offered new homes so as to remain in the local area and be part of new community revival. Two seats will be developed instead of revamping the current buildings. Most of the area around York Road estate, except for two towers, will re-built.

Taylor Wimpey won the bid bids from other competitors Berkeley, Balfour Beatty, Lendlease and C&C Properties UK & Pinnacle Group.

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