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Hackney Wick and Fish Island

LONDON - Property developers have once again found a new unused parcel of land for a new trendy mixed use building project. The 50 acre site lies in east London in the borough of Tower Hamlets near Hackney Wick which many consider to be the next Shoreditch with its artists, cafes and business startups. The area is on a canal that overlooks the Olympic Park had been home to light industrial buildings, art studios and waste disposal and recycling facilities. Most of the original Victorian era homes that existed along the canal were lost in the Blitz in World War II.

One location by Hackney Wick and a brief walk away is Fish Island which is now going through regeneration project for bringing artists, entrepreneurs to work in the daytime and a residential enclave by night. Nearby Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the bank of the river Lea has also added to the locations appeal.

In 2005 the Tower Hamlet council approved the regeneration of derelict buildings to be used for office and living space and had a bridge built that crosses over Hertford Union canal which allowed easier access from Hackney Wick to Fish Island.

The Trampery

Approved in April 2015 a new type of integrated community development was approved by local planners and known as Fish Island Village. The property development started in 2016 is a joint venture by Trampery and housing firm Peabody that is transforming the six-acre property known as Fish Island. The plans call for square 5300 meters of commercial space with 4,500 square meters being used for fabrication, workspaces, a theatre and restaurants which will be managed Trampery. The community will bring together living, leisure and working in one area geared towards entrepreneurs. An allocation by former Mayor Boris Johnson of £7.3million will help make available 580 new homes to buy and rent.

About the project Charles Armstrong, founder of The Trampery said, "As one of London’s most creatively vibrant neighbourhoods Hackney Wick is a perfect location."

Trumpery quotes the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson as saying:

"This scheme truly rethinks the concept of how people live and work and could be replicated both in London and in other major cities across the UK and beyond."

Stephen Howlett, Chief Executive of the Peabody Group is quoted:

"We are very excited about the potential for this unique partnership with The Trampery, to engage the local creative community while providing much needed affordable housing.

"This landmark agreement demonstrates our shared commitment to creating opportunities for Londoners, by providing buildings and spaces that are a springboard for innovation and growth."

Founder of The Trampery Charles Armstrong says:

‘As one of London’s most creatively vibrant neighbourhoods, Hackney Wick is a perfect location.’

‘We’re taking everything we’ve learned over six years building workspace communities and evolving it into an environment where people live as well as work. Peabody is a dream partner with their commitment to a social mission and their concern for high-quality architecture and environments. We look forward to working with them to establish Fish Island Village as a vital component of London’s entrepreneurial community.’

Fish Island Labs

One new venture on Fish Island starting in 2014 was a joint project by Barbican and The Tramperey is the creation of Fish Island Labs. This technology firm is very much what Fish Island is about. The company operates out of Edwardian warehouse on the river Lea and is the home of 50 new firms emerging specialising in the growth of creative technologies.

Over a years time the Fish Island Labs has developed new 3-D virtual reality for shadow puppetry leading to a group called Interfaces a group show at the Barbican Centre which is well known for its performing arts exhibitions in London.

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