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Spain Ranks First in Overseas Home Popularity

In a recent survey by moving company AnyVan.com British homebuyers looking to live abroad prefer Spain rather than living in France. AnyVan found that 13% chose Spain as their preferred next home destination followed by New Zealand and Australia with 12% each. Anyvan estimates 300,000 British citizens are currently residing in Spain.

The United States was chosen by 10% of the respondents followed by Canada with 9%, Italy at 7% and France at 6%. Dubai got a 2% preference in the survey with Portugal and Germany receiving 3%.

Age seems to be a critical factor when deciding to move abroad and where. None of the respondents in the age group 55 were in favour of the Arab emirate of Dubai as a destination but 4% of the age group 18 and 34 found 4% would consider Dubai for a home.

Older age groups voted for New Zealand by 14% with a move to the United States more an attractive destination for younger age groups at 16% and Australia with 15%.

The AnyVan analysis also cited the ease of air transport to Australia and New Zealand regardless of the 19 hour plane rides from the U K as to the popularity of both countries.

The survey also found that where people are currently living in Britain plays a factor as well.

Residents in the South coast of Britain tended to be for having a foreign home with 12% of Southampton residents and 15% in Brighton preferring Italy. The UK national averages 7%.

Residents of London chose New Zealand as their next home destination of choice with 13% followed by the United States and Canada both at 11% and Australia at 10%.

The survey also found that when asked about moving out of the UK 16% say they would stay in the country.

In an interview with Businessmole.com Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com says:

“It’s nearly a national sport in the UK to dream about moving. From flicking through property prices and listings on Rightmove to sitting down to watch one of the vast number of primetime TV shows offering advice to those looking to change homes for a place in the sun.

“Our research highlighted where people dream to move to, but there were still 16% of residents that didn’t want to move anywhere. With such a vast number of different landscapes, coastal views and green spaces, it’s easy to see why so many are living their dream in the UK and don’t

feel they need to move elsewhere.”

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