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Isle of Dogs is Londons Best Location to Live

No one really knows how the Isle of Dogs got its name since it is not really an island but rather a marshland. The credit can traced back to navy administrator and diarist Samuel Pepys who once described it as an "unlucky Isle of Dogs" in the 1660's. Today the Isle of Dogs is regarded as one of Londons best places to live in a survey by The Sunday Times.

The survey states:

“This unheralded corner of Docklands took the prize because of its transport links - a shortwalk from Canary Wharf and 15 minutes to the City - riverside location and affordable prices for Zone 2.”

The average property value is at £100,000 less on average making the average home price at £526,160. The average price for homes in other parts of London are £636,215.

The South London district of Battersea came in second place. Battersea and the Nine Elms area in the borough of Wandsworth have experienced phenomenal growth with the re-development of the Battersea Power Station and the construction of the new American Embassy with other nations diplomatic posts relocating from Central London into the Battersea area.

The Sunday Times on Battersea's popularity:

“...an appealing location for affluent young families”. With "softening" house prices and a wealth of new attractions in the child-friendly park, the guide also notes a number of “outstanding” schools, including Prince George’s primary, Thomas’s.

Bermondsey which was in the top 10 last year is the only location to be in the top 10 this year with the description:

“...a warehouse vibe that feels cool and historic”.


“There’s no place for traditional hotspots such as Chelsea, Hampstead or Notting Hill, with cheaper alternatives such as Highbury, East Finchley and Crystal Palace making the cut instead.”

One surprise hotspot is Leyton with its “villagey feel of quirky Francis Road” in “surprise new entry” Leyton."

Next is Belgravia where the average home price is at £3,311,271 or an average rental rate of £1,335 per week according to stats by Land Registry Foxtons. Which is a bargain when compared to Mayfair at an average home price of £5,082,678.

If its price the location of Blackheath may be more attractive as the average home price of £540,158 11.5% below the London averages. Rental rates per week are £477 per week or 27.6% below the London Average of £658 per week according to Foxtons.

Making the list is Highbury which has price values for its homes at an average £694,191 and rents per week on average ££636.

And finally Teddington with an average of £620,700 property value and an average flat price of £489,980. Average house price is currently at £947,500.

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