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Strood & Swindon Best Places to Sell a Home

New analysis shows that Strood and Swindon in are the best places to sell a home in England and Wales according to Quick Move Now and home.co.uk. Selling property in these two locations have the lowest average time on the market for sales coming in at 101 days. London on the other hand has 10 locations in its metropolitan area that take longest average amount of time to complete a home sale.

Knightsbridge in London is the worst for the average time homes are on the market for sale with 363 days followed by Mayfair 354, Marylebone at 346, South Kensington at 331, Belgravia at 329, Soho and the Strand at 325, Chelsea at 323, Cromwell Road at 318 and Paddington at 316.

Also becoming one of the quickest housing markets for sales in Gloucester with an average sales time of 102 days with next being Ashford at 104, then Rainham and Basingstoke at106, Coventry at 109, Tamworth at 110, Northampton at 111 and Rochester at 112.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director in Propertywire:

‘It is now taking longer to sell a property. When we looked at the best and worst places to sell a property in 2017, the top spot, Bedford, had an average time on market of just 76 days. That figure is 25 days less than the current top spot held by Swindon and Strood.'

‘At the slower end of the market, in 2017 Sunderland took the top spot with 295 days; 68 days less than Knightsbridge’s current average time on market of 363 days. Even in the bestareas to sell a property it is taking longer, and homes are on themarket for an average of well over three months. For comparison, in March 2017, properties in Swindon spent anaverage of 81 days on the market. By July last year that igurehad risen to 89 days, and today it stands at 101 days.’

‘If you are hoping to sell your property in the current market,there are several things you can do to improve your chances ofsecuring a buyer. Firstly, make sure your property iscompetitively priced; it’s a buyer’s market, so you need toensure your home stands out against the competition. You alsoneed to ensure your property is looking its best and that youchoose an estate agent with a good reputation who willproactively market your property.’

‘If you’re still struggling to sell, or if you can’t afford to wait tosell your property through an estate, don’t be afraid to consideralternative ways to sell your property. Property auctions andgenuine cash home buyers can both provide quickeralternatives to the open property market and can be a greatoption if you are working to a deadline.'

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